Tourist Services

Gondolieri Travel is the Venetian gondoliers’ travel agency which promotes the positive image of all of Venetian culture and its wondrous varieties.
Knowing the Venetian reality so well, the development, organization and management of the diversified tours is simultaneously whimsical and practical.

Each of the famous artistic and cultural cities is extraordinary, and it not easy to choose, since the possibilities are almost endless. So it is essential to know Venice to its roots, to be able to pick the most interesting and characteristic sites, many of which don’t match the most popular and visited attractions.

The services for visiting tourists are all personalized, and for the gondoliers, each and every type of individual client is welcome.

Gondolieri Travel can arrange personal tour guides (corporate, scholastic, or private groups), for individuals or families, including planning and organizing photographic services in Venice and around the lagoon, specialized tours, outings on sail boats, canoe and dragon boat, transportation and porterage, food service (in restaurants, trattorias and with private catering), hotel and apartment reservations, and guided tours in almost any language.