Traditional Gondola Rides

The traditional Gondola Tour has a unique itinerary for each boarding point

From the Basilica of Saint Mark to the Grand Canal, or passing along small canals behind the Fenice Theatre or between San Marco and Rialto, the historical gondola ride is the ideal way to appreciate some of the finest views of Venice, aboard its most distinctive vessel, the Gondola

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Stazio Hotel Danieli (reserve now)
Stazio Molo / San Marco
Traghetto Punta della Dogana (reserve now)
Stazio Trinità / Bauer
Traghetto Santa Maria del Giglio
Traghetto San Tomà
Stazio San Beneto / Bacino Orseolo (reserve now)
Traghetto Carbon
Traghetto Santa Sofia (reserve now)
Stazio Ferrovia Rail Station / Piazzale Roma

Stazio Accademia
(reserve now)