Personalized Tours

We call our private gondola tours “Butto”, and they are decidedly different from our classic, traditional tours since the starting and ending points are completely free according to your requirements and desires. Gondolieri Travel creates the itinerary according to your preferences and budget. Private personalized services also allow free choice of timing, with two types of service, standard and deluxe, both personalizeable by you to the last details.

Gondolieri Travel can plan to accomodate your personalised requests, whatever you desire.

personalized gondola servicesSome of the possible services we offer:


For any occasion Gondolieri Travel can prepare bouquets and floral arrangements and decorations to accompany every moment of your gondola ride with refined style and elegance.


In the magic setting of Venice music is the quintessential romantic accompaniment. Gondolieri Travel organizes musical moments with original musicians and classic vocalists with traditional Venetian folksongs or original compositions to your tastes. The serenade in gondola is loved by all.


Gondolieri Travel has a vast selection of gifts to match any occasion on your tour in gondola, all of which can be ready and waiting for the special recipient upon boarding your magical gondola ride.

Trust the experience of the gondoliers to organize your personal gondola tour.