Gondola Service

Venice without the Gondola: would it still be Venice?.

For centuries the Gondola has been the most representative and important means of transport in Venice, with its solemn forms and linearity, except for its most characteristic and decorative bow which counter balances the gondolier and is a poetic expression: the curve mirrors the Doge’s Horn and its six teeth the sestieri which define the neighborhoods into which the lagoon city is divided.

Gondolieri Travel is waiting for you every day of the year with its Gondolas, custom services and tours for individuals and agencies both.

Gondolieri Travel is ready to respond to your every request with a custom itinerary, offering original solutions custom tailored to your desires.

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Stazio Hotel Danieli (reserve now)
Stazio Molo / San Marco
Traghetto Punta della Dogana (reserve now)
Stazio Trinità / Bauer
Traghetto Santa Maria del Giglio
Traghetto San Tomà
Stazio San Beneto / Bacino Orseolo (reserve now)
Traghetto Carbon
Traghetto Santa Sofia (reserve now)
Stazio Ferrovia Rail Station / Piazzale Roma

Stazio Accademia
(reserve now)