Symbolic marriage in Venice

Realize the dream of saying "yes" in magical Venice.

Venice is a magical, fascinating, timeless city.

The ideal location to make the most romantic moments of your life unforgettable. The calli, the canals, the historical buildings are the ideal setting for one of the most important days of your life.


Deciding to celebrate a special moment in Venice is a commitment and a special gift you make to your partner and to the people who will share this experience with you.


Getting married in the most romantic city in the world can become an extraordinary and unforgettable event if you rely on professionals who live there and know the dynamics of this unique city.

Your dream becomes reality

We will support you with the organization of the transport and we will contact the team of professionals for the floral decorations, we will take care of the musical accompaniment and the photography service.
We want to make your romantic experience in Venice unforgettable by organizing everything with extreme care and precision. We will listen to your requests and make your dreams come true.

Ready to say the fateful “yes” immersed in the romantic atmosphere that only the lagoon city of Venice can give?

Venice is a place that is alive with wonder and enchantment.


Its charm and atmosphere make it a favourite destination for the most important and romantic moments of your life.

Wedding proposals

In a gondola, in the middle of St Mark’s Square or on the terrace of a historic building, choose Venice for your wedding proposal.

Symbolic Wedding

Renew your wedding promises, relive the excitement of your wedding and revitalise your bond.

Deluxe Wedding

Choose the city of love for the most romantic wedding there is. Enjoy the moment, we’ll take care of the rest.

Venice is the ideal location to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life: are you ready to make this dream come true?

Venezia è un teatro a cielo aperto: pieno di grazia, mistero, arte e storia.

Fabrizio Caramagna