Private gondola services

Discover the magic of Venice from a unique perspective: the water.

You can’t really say you’ve visited Venice without having taken a gondola ride, the city’s means of transport par excellence.

Symbol of elegance, tradition and discovery, the gondola will allow you to admire majestic architectural masterpieces overlooking the water and beautiful views, from an unprecedented view.

Are you ready to let yourself be lulled by the rocking of the water and immerse yourself in the magic of Venice?


We operate every day with two types of tours to meet all needs with original and custom itineraries, both for private customers and for agencies.

Traditional Gondola ride

This type of gondola tour allows you to better appreciate the beauty of Venice starting from strategic points located throughout the city. You can choose from more than ten boarding points: from the convenient train station to San Marco, passing through Rialto and the Accademia, you are spoilt for choice.

Choose the most convenient boarding point and book your private gondola tour in Venice!

Personalized gondola ride

To make your private gondola ride even more unique and exclusive, we offer personalized tours. Unlike traditional tours, here you decide everything: from the point and time of departure, to the duration of the entire tour.

And it’s not over here! To complete the experience and make your gondola ride even more unforgettable, you can choose to add a few small details.

The Flowers

We arrange special floral packages to accompany your moment in the gondola with style and sophistication. An elegant gesture to amaze anybody you want and make this experience unforgettable.

The Music

The gondola serenade is always a welcome option. In the magical setting of Venice, music is a must, especially if you choose what is played. We organize your gondola ride in the best possible way, with the best musicians at your disposal.

The Gift

Do you want to surprise your traveling companion with a special gift? You can choose from a wide range of gift proposals suitable for every occasion. With the right detail you can surprise them with special effects.

Are you ready to go and discover Venice and its hidden treasures? Let’s listen to your requests and build a customized itinerary.

Book your private gondola ride and admire beautiful Venice at its best!

Venezia è un teatro a cielo aperto: pieno di grazia, mistero, arte e storia.

Fabrizio Caramagna