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Gondolieri Travel – the Agency

The Gondolieri Travel Agency was founded on January 1st, 2007 as a branch of the historical Venetian Gondoliers’ Cooperative “Daniele Manin”, to rationalize the booking of gondola services in all the gondola stations and crossings throughout Venice, as well as proposing tourism services and packages for incoming and outgoing clients.

In 2009 it became local affiliate to the Robintur network, becoming a vital resource for local members of the Coop Adriatica in Venice, the Lagoon, and on the mainland for tours organized by the most important Italian and international tour operators.

In 2010, through a corporate reorganization of Cooperativa Daniele Manin, it became “ Agenzia Gondolieri Travel S.r.l.”, an LLC with sole proprietorship.

Over the course of its short history Gondolieri Travel has been proud to be the main provider of Gondola Services due to the contribution of its partners/members – the Gondoliers of Venice.

The Gondolieri Travel Srl Agency offers the clients of its tourist services the chance to explore and discover Venice in a manner only they can offer, guided by the Gondoliers who can lead better than any other through around their city of Venice.